Why Nigella Is My Foodie Girl Crush

We recently started getting the Cooking Channel.

Because really, one channel devoted to nom-nom-nom is not enough!

And I rediscovered Nigella Lawson.

Nigella has been around for a while.  Before Rachael, and Giada, even before Paula and Ina–at least their Television Careers.  There was Nigella, cooking in her London kitchen.

This gal has been around the block.  Married, widowed, married again.  Filthy rich.  Mother.  Looks like she has enjoyed her meals over the years.  Rocks a cardigan like nobody’s business.

She’s self-taught, and second career.  She cooks because she enjoys food, and according to sources, hates being referred to as a celebrity chef.  Because she’s not a chef.  She cooks, and talks, and people film it.

And beautifully filmed, it is.  Close-ups of the food, and the cookware, and the stove top.  Then of herself and whomever she is cooking for eating what she has cooked.

She tells a story about what she is cooking–gives the occasion for the meal.  Once it was hangover food after a pub crawl.  The episode I watched last night was about cooking foods her tweenage children would eat–a kitschy take on baked potatoes and chicken fingers and salad.

Plus, there is always dessert.  Even though I seldom eat dessert myself, I love watching her justify fat and calories.

Also each show ends with Nigella raiding the fridge for a midnight snack.

Another great dish she made on last night’s episode was pea soup.  Although she is filthy stinking rich and could easily make it with fancy expensive organic English peas, she made it with frozen peas from a bag.  Frozen veggies!  There is truly hope for the ordinary home cook like me.

I saw those frozen peas, and I swear, I fell in love all over again with this show.


2 responses to “Why Nigella Is My Foodie Girl Crush

  1. knittinpreacher

    Have you tried the smashed white beans or the cheddar cheese risotto? Two of my favorites!

  2. Nigella completely rocks the catbox. I’m pretty sure Peter would dump me for her if given the chance. (Thank you Atlantic Ocean)

    I love that she’s so … real. I love that she licks her fingers while she’s cooking and always has a glass of wine on the counter while she’s filming. A recent episode showed her trying to decipher all the family recipes from two generations – it was awesome! All those great 50s favourites.

    I agree – she’s awesome.

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