Crockpot Tuesdays

No, it does not have a satisfying alliteration.  Can’t do anything about that.

Tuesdays are Puppy College days around here, at least for the next month or so.  Blue Eyes and I meet at the animal shelter at 6:00 (he comes straight from work downtown) and for the next hour we learn how to be good Thumb Havers, while Bailey just basically lies there and looks cute.

We get home about 7:20, and I just don’t feel like cooking a meal from the beginning at that hour, so I like to have dinner ready when we get home.  That means the crock pot gets used a lot!  Although I have a few tried-and-true favorites, I’m always on the lookout for a new slow-cooker recipe.

Last week I did an old favorite: potatoes, green beans and smoked sausage.  Layer in the crock that order from the bottom up.  I use red potatoes, but you can use any variety.  I also use canned green beans (2 cans) if I don’t have any fresh, and it is just fine.   The sausage I use now is low-fat turkey smoked sausage.  By putting it on the top, the meat flavors the other ingredients as it heats.  That’s it.  Low heat if you are going to have it in there several hours or high heat for a just a couple of hours.

This week I wanted something new, so I did a “crockpot lemon chicken” search and adapted what I found.  (I knew  had chicken thighs, lemons, fresh parsley, garlic on hand.)

One of the main rules of crockpot cooking for me is that I don’t make a run to the store for a special ingredient. I use what I have.  I adapt, adapt, adapt as needed. A “quick and easy” meal that requires me to crate the dog, put on shoes, make sure I look decent,(ahem…including a full complement of undergarments) start my car, and kill baby seals is not worth it.

I’m way too lazy for that.

So this week we are having this:

Crockpot Chicken with Lemon and Garlic

Chicken (I had some thighs; you use what you have.), about 1.5 lbs

1 Lemon (juice it and then chop the lemon carcass into eighths)

1/2 stick Butter (Oh, relax.  You’re feeding a whole family.)

3-4 cloves of Garlic

1/2 cup Water

1t Bullion or chicken soup base

Thyme (fresh or dried, whatever)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Melt the butter in a skillet, season the chicken with salt, pepper and thyme.  Brown the chicken (skip this step if your chicken is skinless but still melt the butter). Put the chicken in the crockpot but add the rest of the ingredients to the skillet  to combine them.  Then pour all that buttery, lemony, thymey, chickeny, garlicky goodness over the chicken in the crockpot.

I’m cooking mine for about 8 hours on low.  I plan to serve it with some steamed broccoli and some rice pilaf.  I’ll probably cook the pilaf ahead and reheat it while the broccoli cooks.


5 responses to “Crockpot Tuesdays

  1. Mmmm, yum! Definitely trying this one!

  2. Have you ever thought of trying out for the Next Food Network Star? I think you’d have a heck of a “culinary point-of-view.” 😉

  3. I love it. But do you ever find the chicken is overcooked after eight hours? In my crockpot I can only cook it for five or six hours.

  4. Zorra, it was very well done. But there was enough liquid that it did not dry out. Larger pieces (breasts on the bone) would have been even better, I believe.

    Kim, until they start letting chefs slow-cook, I think I’m out of luck. 🙂 But I am addicted to that show!

  5. mid-life rookie

    Aha! Dinner tonight. I have all this stuff in the house.

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