You Just Might Smack Your Mama

Its that good.

And sooooo easy.

About a year a go I invested in a smallish slow-cooker, not the Lil’ Dipper, but the next size up.  It was on sale.

But you could make this recipe in a larger one, especially if you double it for a crowd.   This is very yummy.  Dangerously yummy.

You just might smack your mama. (Don’t worry; mine lives 350 miles away. She’s safe.)

Cheesy Corn

1 bag of frozen Corn (16 oz)

4 oz Cream Cheese ( I use reduced fat)

2T Butter

2T Milk

Salt and Pepper to taste

Put the corn in the crock pot, season to taste, add other ingredients, stir to combine.  Cook on low for several hours.

You can also melt cheese, butter and milk together and pour it on the corn in the crock.  But if you are in a  hurry you don’t need to.

There are a number of variations you could make to this recipe.  I’m thinking you could add diced green chilis, onion, other cheeses.  (Goat cheese might make it fancy!)  Wht ever you do to it, prepare for ZERO leftovers!

And be nice to your mama.


2 responses to “You Just Might Smack Your Mama

  1. MY, my, my, my, my. drooling all over the keyboard…

  2. LOL at smacking yo mama. are you sure we aren’t cousins?????

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